Monday, October 6, 2008

War Goblin - Warhammer Online Bot

WAR Goblin is an All-in-One Warhammer Online Bot that can Fight, do RvR Scenarios,Self-Navigate, and Gather. It is available for free with your MacroGoblin subscription. This is the Best Warhammer Bot available and it's rich in features. It can Buff, Loot,Heal, Gather, Scavenge, Butcher, etc. This Warhammer macro is a Memory based application so setup is extremely quick and easy.

The Warhammer Bot works by running a path that you either create yourself or download from the forums. When creating your own path, waypoints are added by simply pressing the Plus key on your keyboard. With this WAR macro you can make paths as simple or complex as you wish - optionally adding pauses, forward jumps, facing headings, pressing keys, mouse clicks, or even running MacroGoblin routines or even starting your own executables.

While running your Main Path the WAR bot pulls any mob that is within range and kills it. From there, this Warhammer Online macro will optionally Loot, Scavenge,Gather,or Butcher the mob.

Warhammer Bot will grind levels while you are away. It will also farm and gather mobs to obtain that much needed Warhammer Gold for the best RvR and raid equipment. Best of all, the Warhammer Online Bot will optionally queue up RvR Scenarios while you're PvEing and run the Scenarios when the time is right. When the RvR Scenario is complete the WAR bot will continue on with PvE/Gathering/etc.